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Lego Dreamzzz The Never Witch's Nightmare Creatures Early Review! Set 71483

Toegevoegd op 5 juli 2024 | Bricks By Mind

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This is a #gifted review of LEGO Dreamzzz set 71483 The Never Witch's Nightmare Creatures! This 3-in-1 set was sent to me by LEGO for review, and officially releases on August 1st, 2024. This set contains 5 minifigures: The Never Witch, Mateo, Madteo, Dogan, and Doey!

0:00 : 360° View of All Builds & Set Details
0:53 : Side Build - Cauldron & Tree (All Builds)
2:50 : Main Build - Giant Raven (Build 1)
7:01 : Instructions w/ Illustrations
7:41 : Main Build - Giant Wolf (Build 2)
10:37 : Main Build - Doom-Blob Mech (Build 3)
13:50 : Side Build - Small Wolf (Build 3)
14:50 : Minifigures - The Never Witch
16:49 : Minifigures - Mateo & Madteo
21:09 : Minifigures - Doey & Dogan
23:46 : Full Set Overview, Price Discussion, & Recommendation

Official LEGO Description:
Let imaginations bubble over with the LEGO® DREAMZzz™ The Never Witch’s Nightmare Creatures (71483) magical toys for kids aged 9 and up. Based on the thrilling TV show, this rebuildable fantasy playset lets boys and girls get acquainted with the Never Witch’s evil creatures.

The Never Witch’s raven has swooped in and stolen a memory from Mateo. With her cauldron of nightmares, she uses the memory to create his evil doppelganger MadTeo. But what will she create next? Kids decide! Let young dreamers unleash their creativity and build a raven toy before rebuilding it as a wolf toy or a figure of DoomBlob, Z-Blob’s dark doppelganger.

The magic of this LEGO DREAMZzz set is brought to life by 5 minifigures: Mateo, MadTeo, Doey, Dogan and the Never Witch, who inspire endless role-play possibilities. It also includes story-led building instructions, encouraging kids to immerse themselves in the adventure and bring their wildest dreams to life.

Let kids’ imaginations run wild – Unleash creativity with The Never Witch’s Nightmare Creatures magical toys for boys and girls aged 9 and up
Witch toys – Young dreamers can choose to build a raven toy, a wolf toy or a DoomBlob figure
1 set, endless possibilities – Sparking independent, boundless play, this rebuildable fantasy playset lets kids build their own adventure
5 LEGO® minifigures – Mateo, MadTeo, Doey, Dogan and the Never Witch bring the magic to life and encourage creative rol e play
Fantasy gift for kids – The set can be given as a holiday or birthday gift for boys and girls, as well as a gift for fans of witches, wolves or the LEGO® DREAMZzz™ TV show
Be part of the action – The set includes story-led building instructions that are also available on the LEGO® Builder app, where kids can rotate their builds and track progress
A world of kids’ wildest dreams – The LEGO® DREAMZzz™ collection unlocks imaginations and lets young dreamers choose their own adventures as they build fantastical creatures and vehicles
Dimensions – This 457-piece set measures over 4.5 in. (12 cm) high, 11 in. (28 cm) wide and 10 in. (25 cm) deep

#lego #legodreamzzz #dreamzzz #legodreams #legoninjago #ninjago #ninjagodragonsrising #rlfm #71483 #review #legoreview #legomech #legobuild

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